Leslie Macomber, Legal Administrator

Leslie holds an undergraduate degree from The University of Chicago and a MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.

Leslie came to Macomber Law after running her own health actuarial recruiting firm for eleven years. ObamaCare had changed the dynamics of that industry and she decided on a career change. In 2013, she began with Macomber Law and has successfully instituted many changes including office relocation, website update including online payment capability, memorializing of office procedures, building out professional and support staff, hiring to-the-desktop IT services, upgrading invoicing and accounting functions, and implementing a robust online marketing presence.

When not working hard at the law office, Leslie is the spouse of Senior Attorney Art Macomber. Art and Leslie are the parents of two mostly-grown children. Art and Leslie enjoy spending their spare time together and watch movies, ride bicycles, and read.

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