Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you practice in?

Macomber Law works exclusively in real property, contract, construction, and water. 

What areas do you NOT cover?

Macomber Law does not work in foreclosures, tenant, short sale, mortgage modifications, or perform escrow services.

How do I learn more about my attorney?

Education, work experience, and a picture is available on the attorney’s page under About Us on the website.

Can you solve my legal problem with a threatening letter?

Macomber Law does not threaten legal action unsupported by facts and law. Sternly worded letters unsupported by facts and law are usually disregarded by opposing parties. 

What is an advance fee?

An advance fee is an amount of money paid in advance before fees are charged against it. An advance fee is the minimum amount necessary for a law firm to commit to providing legal representation.

Why do you require an advance fee?

Engaging the services of an attorney is a serious decision. Advance fees guard against impulsive or immature actors.

What is a retainer?

Some law firms charge a client to assure that the firm NOT represent a party opposed to the legal interest of the firm’s client. Legal fees are charged in addition to the retainer amount.

Do you take payments?

An online payment portal is available on the website to securely process credit card payments.

What are your hourly rates?

Senior Attorney $265 per hour

Senior Associate Attorney $215 per hour

Paralegal $100 per hour

Time is billed in one-tenth of an hour increments. We reserve the right to change rates with notice. 

How do I hire Macomber Law?

Call 866-511-1500 to schedule a 45 minute, no-charge appointment with an attorney. A signed Fee Agreement and advance fee are required before work begins.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

Defending your property can be expensive. If you don’t have the cash, consider taking out a mortgage or selling a partitioned parcel.

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