About Macomber Law

The Beginning. Art Macomber started Macomber Law, PLLC in 2006 as a solo attorney specializing in real estate. He came to the law mid-career after a successful 20-year business career. He chose to specialize in real estate law because of his passion for real property rights. Art has earned a reputation for hard-nosed attention to the details and a relentless pursuit of client goals.

Values. At Macomber Law, we still believe the practice of law is a high calling. We hue to the old-fashioned value of fidelity in all things. Macomber Law attorneys are held to the highest standards of professional conduct. In return, we expect clients to be honest, involved in their matter, and to pay their bills on time.

Growth. Greg George joined the firm in 2015.  Mr. George has encountered many thorny real property legal issues in his relatively short tenure and taken on significant litigation responsibilities. With the opening of the Spokane office, the firm anticipates hiring a third attorney.

Choose Macomber for:

Experience. Real property law is all Macomber Law has done since 2006.

Expertise. Macomber Law attorneys build expertise in the highly specialized practice of real property through mentoring and  exposure to nothing but real property matters.

Online Access. Macomber Law's relationship with TimelyContract.com allows clients outside of our immediate proximity to access our legal services. Many of our best clients live hundreds of miles away.

Personal Service. The specialized nature of our practice allows us to make our clients' concerns our own.

Value. We stay busy by keeping our rates competitive.

Macomber Law clients understand the value of the Macomber Law solution.

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Arthur B. Macomber
Senior Attorney

Gregory M. George
Attorney at Law

Leslie Macomber
Legal Administrator