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The Macomber Law Way

At Macomber Law, the client always comes first. That's why your Macomber Law experience starts with our initial, no charge consultation where you get to know us in a no-pressure atmosphere.

During your consultation, you learn about the structure of the law pertaining to your situation and whether you have a legal issue. If you decide to become a client, a signed Advance Fee Agreement and advance fee are required. (An advance fee is money held in a trust account in anticipation of legal fees that will be charged against it. We do not take Retainers.)

Macomber Law produces an Evaluation Letter describing your legal matter, legal options, and our best legal advice regarding your path forward. With your written Evaluation Letter in hand, you are able to consider your options, including the option of doing nothing.

The beauty of the Evaluation Letter is that, before you have committed yourself to a course of legal action, you have the information you need to make an informed choice. By hiring us to share legal information with you, you gain a partner in your legal matter and the best chance at resolving the matter in the way that best suits you.

Step 1: No Charge Appointment

Learn the structure of the law. Learn whether you have a legal matter and where your matter fits into the law. If you choose to move to Step 2, a signed Advance Fee Agreement and ab advance fee are necessary.

Step 2: Evaluation Letter

Macomber Law produces a written Evaluation Letter outlining your legal matter, options, and strategy, usually within three weeks.

Step 3: Beyond the Evaluation

If you decide to pursue your matter beyond the Evaluation Letter, you’ll receive copies of all documents, be kept apprised of court dates, and will consulted for your opinion every step of the way.

Finally, monthly invoices are issued the first of the month including line-item descriptions for each charge.

Every effort is made to keep your legal fees reasonable.

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