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When it comes to the highly technical and sometimes archaic area of real property and water law, trust the firm that practices transactional and litigation-related law in this area day-in and day-out. Visit our office for a consultation before you have an issue. It may be the smartest thing you've ever done.

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By Greg George Spokane, Washington, February 1, 2019. The Washington Supreme Court has defined an “easement” as “a property right separate from ownership that allows the use of another’s land without compensation[1].” Generally speaking, the purpose of an easement is to provide access to and from a property that otherwise does not have access. For…

What is Title?

By Greg George Spokane, Washington, January 7, 2019. “Title” to land can be defined as the different legal rights that come under what we usually describe as “ownership” of land. For example, “title” can include the right to possess land, the right to build on land, the right to exclude others from land, and the…

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By Art Macomber Spokane, WA. December 28, 2018. In Washington State, there is a type of lawsuit called a quiet title action. A lawsuit to quiet title is sometimes necessary if the original description of the property was incorrect, or if there are multiple parties who claim ownership to the same parcel. Sometimes a mortgage…