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Trust Account

New to Macomber Law? Deposit your advance fee into a trust account. See instructions below to choose the correct trust account.

Click the link below for:

Idaho Trust Account

Montana Trust Account

Washington Trust Account

Choose the correct trust account:

  1. If you reside in Idaho, Montana, or Washington, choose the State's trust account where you live; 
  2. If the subject real property is located in Idaho, Montana, or Washington and you do not reside in any one of these States, choose the trust account where the real property is located.


If you do not live in a licensed State or your parcel is not located in a licensed State, Macomber Law is not able to help you.

The law firm does not capture or store credit card information. 

By clicking any of the links above, you are taken to Law Pay's secure payment portal and agree to the following Terms of Use:

  • The link above connects you to LawPay's payment portal;
  • LawPay accepts and protects your registration and payment data through Secure Socket Layer and/or 3-D Secure technology;
  • Macomber Law, PLLC does not have access to your account information;
  • Macomber Law, PLLC has not, and will not, authorize LawPay to store or disclose your online payment information to it or to any other entity, including your name, the Cardholder's name, contact information, payment card number(s), Personal Identification Number (PIN), Card Verification Value Code, Card Magnetic Stripe information, or your Card Expiration Date;
  • You certify your account has funds to pay the entire transfer amount when you click on any payment links above;
  • You understand that your online payment results in a debit to your account and a credit to our account within 72 hours;
  • You understand your online deposit to a Macomber Law, PLLC Trust Account results in a debit to your account and a credit to our Interest On Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA);
  • You understand that Macomber Law pays all processing fees, including those of LawPay, your credit card, debit card, or check issuer, for your convenience.

If you have questions about this online payment service, please contact:

Macomber Law, PLLC
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