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Real Estate Disclosures in Washington State

by Brooks Schott and Art Macomber October 27,2017 Overview. This article discusses required disclosures by sellers of real estate in Washington State. With few exceptions, Washington State requires extensive seller disclosures before the sale of real property—whether the property is residential or commercial. The disclosure form required depends on whether the property is defined as…

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Buying Real Estate in Washington

Even as an experienced buyer or seller of real estate, the laws governing real estate transactions in Washington can be perplexing. This article reviews general considerations to make before buying or selling real estate in Washington. General Tips: A. Contract Interpretation. In reviewing a real estate purchase and sale agreement, you should assume nothing and…

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Buying Real Estate in Idaho

by Art Macomber Buying real estate in Idaho can catch even the most sophisticated buyer unaware. This article reviews general considerations to be made before making a residential or commercial purchase in Idaho. If you are from California, note that Idaho law does not provide many of the protections Californians take for granted when buying a home. This posting is not legal advice. Legal advice…

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