Frequently Asked Questions

Real property legal expertise when real property matters.

1. What are your areas of real estate practice?
We specialize in transactions and litigation for real estate-related issues, including water and construction. For specifics, go to the Practice Areas link on the navigation bar (above).
2. What areas of real property law do you NOT cover?
Macomber Law typically does not take cases involving foreclosures, residential tenant issues, short sale, or mortgage modifications. We do not provide escrow services.
3. What holidays do you take?
Macomber Law celebrates eight holidays per year: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve. The office is closed on these days.
4. I have a couple of questions. Can I speak to an attorney for just a minute?
Short answer is no. Real property-related legal problems are grounded in individual facts. In order for an Attorney to responsibly answer your question, your individual set of facts need to be understood and analyzed in light of pertinent law in order to arrive at a sound legal conclusion. Macomber Law offers a 45-minute consultation so you may discuss your legal situation with an attorney in a no-pressure environment (see #10 below).
5. Do you work on contingency?
6. How much do you charge?

The rates for traditional legal services are Senior Attorney $240/hour, Senior Associate Attorney $190/hour, Law Clerk $140/hour, and Paralegal $80/hour. We reserve the right to change our rates with reasonable notice.

7. What do I do if I can’t afford an attorney?
Call your local Legal Aid office.
8. Does Macomber Law take payments?
Macomber Law allows Clients to finance their legal bill through its online payment portal. Advance Fee payments and invoiced amounts owed can be made through this payment portal.
9. Do you create conveyance deeds?
Yes. We suggest you consider our Timely Contractservices, whether you need changes to an existing deed (Timely Contract Review) or need a deed created (Timely Contract Drafting). Our Timely Contract services provide individualized attorney services via the web, while providing high quality legal services in a reasonable time frame.
10. Can you solve my legal problem with a stern or threatening letter?
Sternly worded letters unsupported by facts and law are usually disregarded by opposing parties. Sternly worded letters supported by facts and law that offer solutions can lead to problem resolution. However, because legal analysis is required to produce these more effective letters, they are more expensive to produce. Macomber Law does not threaten legal action unsupported by facts and law.
11. Why do you offer a 45-minute no-charge consultation?
This is your opportunity to get to know us and our opportunity to get to know you in a low-stress environment. If your legal issue is within our area of practice, we will give you a basic understanding of the structure of the law and some possibilities for how to approach problem resolution. Additionally, you will learn what to expect if you hire us. You are under no obligation to contract with us and we are under no obligation to accept your legal matter.
12. How do I hire Macomber Law?
Call the office at 866-511-1500 to make an office or telephone appointment. Be prepared with a list of people and companies involved so we can conduct a conflict of interest check.  A signed Fee Agreement and Advance Fee are required before we can begin work.
13. Does Macomber Law reserve the right to cancel appointments?
Short answer is yes. Macomber Law reserves the right to refuse a no-charge consultation to anyone for any reason. Further, if you are ten minutes late for an appointment, you have one chance to reschedule and to keep the no-charge appointment. A third opportunity for a no-charge consultation will not be available.


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