About Macomber Law

Real property attorneys licensed in Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

Why Macomber Law

Experience. Real property is all Macomber Law does day-in, day-out, transactional and litigation. Most local attorneys have a general practice and do real property from time-to-time. Macomber Law practices in real property law exclusively.

Expertise. The ways of real property law can be archaic, even for experienced attorneys. Real property law is based on common law concepts, many that date back to the middle ages. Less knowledgeable attorneys can quickly find themselves in over their heads, even on routine matters.

Online Access. In the past, a visit to the local County Recorder’s Office was the only way to find property records. These days, property records are available online in most counties. Access to online property records allows Macomber Law to practice even in remote areas. If your records are not online, local title companies can get everything to do the work at a nominal cost to you.

Personal Service. Macomber Law delivers personalized service, even from a distance. Many of our best clients live hundreds, even thousands, of miles away! Most of our work is done via the phone and email but, when our physical presence is needed, a nominal amount is charged for travel.

Value. Although we may not always be the cheapest solution, clients who understand real property understand the value of the Macomber Law solution. When dealing with large assets, it doesn’t make sense to trust your real property matter to an amateur. We keep busy by keeping our rates reasonable, and we keep our rates reasonable by keeping busy. Trust Macomber Law to work hard with an eye to your bottom line.

The Macomber Law Way


No Charge Appointment

Find out whether you have a legal matter, the structure of the law regarding your matter, and how much it will take for Macomber Law to get started on a Legal Evaluation of your matter.


Legal Evaluation

If you hire us, Macomber Law produces a written legal evaluation, usually within 3 weeks, so you know exactly where you stand before any action is taken.


Beyond the Evaluation

If your matter progresses beyond an evaluation, you know exactly where you stand. You will be consulted every step of the way as your matter moves forward. You will receive copies of records, letters, memos, opinions, citations, and correspondence.

Finally, monthly invoices include line-item descriptions for each charge. Every effort is made to keep your legal fees reasonable.

My wife and I had a great experience with Art Macomber. He is truely a great attorney. He took time to listen to our issue and thoughtfully explained our options. He has a wealth of knowledge and really got down to every detail in explaining things thoroughly. He made us feel comfortable and welcome and gave us his undivided attention. The staff was also helpful polite and nice. Defenitely would recommend Macomber Law for anyone needing help with real estate law. - M. Rogers     |     My husband and I sought legal insight at Macomber Law. We were so pleased to meet Art Macomber, who generously gave us a full overview of the law as it related to our real estate purchase. We found Mr. Macomber to be fair, articulate, and very knowledgeable. He is an excellent communicator, with a sincere and practical approach to educating his clients in applicable laws for the clients circumstances. Understanding the legal time frame and possible outcomes helped us feel like we were standing on solid ground on which to make our decisions. We would recommend Macomber law without reservation. - T. Epps