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Since 2006, Macomber Law has provided individuals, businesses, homeowner's associations, and trusts with superior legal counsel while maintaining a record of exemplary customer service. Macomber Law is dedicated to being the most responsive provider of superior legal services in its practice area.


Schedule a one-hour, no charge consultation

1. Give us a call at 866-511-1500 to schedule a one-hour, no charge appointment. During this hour, you get to know us and we get to know your legal matter in a no pressure environment. A signed Advance Fee Agreement and advance fee are required before Macomber Law commits to providing a legal evaluation. You will have three weeks to decide whether to use our service, after which time you will receive a standard non-representation letter.

2. Legal Evaluation. Macomber Law starts by producing a detailed, written legal evaluation of your matter including legal opinion, advice, and strategy, usually within three weeks. This initial document provides a road map to your legal situation so you know where you stand and what your options are.  

For matters needing immediate attention, go to TimelyContract.com.

3. Next Steps. After you read your evaluation, you will decide how to proceed each step of the way in consultation with your Macomber Law attorney. As your matter moves forward, legal opinions, citations, copies of records, and correspondence will be provided to you in writing for your consideration and your records. 

Finally, monthly invoices are issued with line item descriptions for each charge, so you always know what you are paying for. An online payment portal is available for electronic check or credit card processing. Legal proceedings can be expensive and every effort is made to keep legal fees reasonable.

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We are extremely happy with our consultation with Macomber Law. The lawyer we spoke with (Gregory George) was very well spoken, highly intelligent, honest and knowledgeable. At the end of our conversation we knew exactly were we stood in our legal matter and what to do to remedy the situation. We are going to need more advice and help with a zoning issue and will defiantly return and hire this legal firm at that time. Best law firm i have ever dealt with. You will not be disappointed if you decide to go with them for your real estate and zoning law issues.
~ K. Vance
We were told during the consult that we could handle the problem on our own. It's so nice to have an honest assessment of the problem and not have been asked for a retainer. Will definitely return for future real estate matters.
~ C. Holbart
After talking to Greg at Macomber Law, I was impressed. I will definitely recommend Greg for real estate problems.
~ D. Stone
Macomber Law firm is very knowledgeable about a wide range of property disputes, encroachments, easements, adverse possession, and much more. This is the go to place for legal council. The one hour Free consultation was great. We were told that we did not even need to hire them to settle things with our neighbor because we could easily work things out with the neighbors themselves. Saved us lots of money. Thank you all.
~ R. and A. Rinehart
After our visit to your office & talking to Greg. . . You will be our choice if it requires legal representation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your office to someone seeking a good attorney.
~ Respectfully, Mr. M., Seven Bays, WA
Greg’s knowledge was fantastic and his integrity was impeccable, considering that he understood my needs and suggested other resources (title-company) that may end up being a lower cost. I am so glad that I called and equally impressed with Macomber Law. I have many family members in the area (having grown up in the north Idaho area) and will spread the word of Greg’s helpfulness. Thanks again for your help
~ S.M., Portland OR

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Our hour-long free consultation with Macomber Law Firm was exceptional. Attorney Art Macomber is truly professional and confident in his abilities. He made sure that we thoroughly understood the basics of easements and spent considerable time educating us on the subject before approaching our case. Mr. Macomber seemed genuinely concerned about our case and gave us several options to pursue. We feel confident enough in his abilities to hire his firm for our case.
~ J. Myers, Priest River ID
Macomber Law was very helpful. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and timely. They were able to help me with my problem. I was very happy with how everything turned out. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.
~ A. Rumore
I contacted Macomber Law by chance looking for advice on a legal matter, next time I will contact them by choice. Macomber law is represented by smart, conscientious, and effective attorneys who answered my questions, and gave me a solid plan moving forward.Thank you Art, and Matthew, your time was valuable and appreciated.
~ Mr D.
I wanted to write to thank you for the excellent advice you gave to my clients. They took your advice and have successfully closed on the parcel of land they wanted to purchase. They are looking forward to building their retirement home.
~ JG, Realtor, Coeur d’Alene ID
I was originally referred to Macomber Law by another attorney and it was the best advice I could have received. Art took the time to explain his practice and was very up front about everything. The advice I received was extremely useful when dealing with the real estate agent, broker and lending institution. I will definitely use Macomber Law on my next real estate transaction.
~ G. Hart
It was great meeting with Art. I was grateful to be told he felt this problem could be solved over an easement dispute. He impressed me with his knowledge of real estate law. He reassured me that my requests were reasonable and within my legal rights. He gave me peace of mind and i'm glad he is going to handle this for me.
~ S. Bourguignon
Just wanted to add my voice in telling you what a great job you did on the motion and the response. We are so pleased with the finished product and know how much time and effort you put into it. We can all look forward to next week knowing we did all we could to obtain a good result. Thank you for your good work.
~ L. P., Spokane WA
Brenda and I were very pleased with Art's knowledge and information on my real estate. I am hoping to come up with the $2,000 to get things rolling. I know I finally found the right attorney to help us. Thank you so much for the free one hour consultation that helped me to move forward to resolve our problem. I will spread your name around to other people in need of an attorney. You guys are great!
~ M. Harris
Thank you Art and associates for the good advice! Had a conversation that reaffirmed a strategy, giving me confidence to proceed forward in complicated matter. Valuable consultation from a truly genuine man, I highly recommend!
~ Mr. Dunne, Investor
We had a great meeting with Art! He was very helpful and although our issue did not involve an immediate need of his service, he was very honest and freely giving of his time and advice. My wife and I were so appreciative, should we need the services of a real estate attorney as we move forward Art will definitely be our guy!!
~ B. Lund
Art knows his stuff! If you have Real Estate issues that need solved, or HOA issues, Art is your man. He offers a visit without charge, to get an idea of your needs, and will be honest enough to tell you upfront, what the cost and effort will be. I would always look to Art to help me with my Real Estate needs. His staff is helpful also.
~ BBB Customer Review
I appreciate your patience, Art. I look forward to the peace of mind I can achieve by solving a complex issue outside of court.
~ A. Kersey