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Since 2006, Macomber Law has provided individuals, businesses, homeowner's associations, and trusts with superior legal counsel while maintaining a record of exemplary customer service. Macomber Law is dedicated to being the most responsive provider of superior legal services in its practice area.


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1. Give us a call at 866-511-1500 to schedule a one-hour, no charge appointment. 

2. Legal Evaluation. Macomber Law starts by producing a written legal evaluation including legal opinion, advice, and strategy. 

3. Next Steps. As your matter moves forward, legal opinions, citations, copies of records, and correspondence will be provided to you in writing for your consideration and your records. 

Finally, monthly invoices include line item descriptions for each charge. Every effort is made to keep your legal fees reasonable.


For matters needing immediate attention, go to TimelyContract.com.

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